Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Mixed Day

I've got something of a mixed day in front of me, first a quick and casual work meeting, and then just a ton of working from home and running errands. I've dressed for the more important task, which is the work meeting. When I'm done with that, there's an very good chance I'll change into jeans and a t-shirt, just to be a little more comfortable!

In honor of my mixed day, I've worn my one mixed media shirt. I'm normally not a fan of this trend, but I like how the cotton back and patterned print work on this shirt. It's incredibly flowy and amazingly comfortable. I can't help but be drawn to the pattern as well.

However, upon second though I'm not sure how nuts I am about this top and skirt paired together. The greens don't seem to go together quite as well as I thought, and it's definitely a look I might re-consider in the future. The top is from Kohls, while the skirt is from New York and Company

And just a quick reminder, well behaved women rarely make history! So act up and make a difference!

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