Friday, October 10, 2014

Nothing Comes Between Me and My Calvin

I know, I know, technically Brooke Shields was talking about her Calivn Klein jeans, but I think the sentiment rings just as true for work dresses. No one seems to do a classic yet fun sheath quite as well as Mr. Klein. So many of my favorite work outfits start with seeing that wonderful Calvin Klein tag at Marshall's, T.J. Maxx, or even Ross. I was able to purchase this dress from Marshall's about a year ago for only $50.00! Definitely worth it, and a great budget find!

Please forgive the way I'm standing in this photo. I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to do, but instead it just makes the dress lay a little weird, and look like I'm trying to do some high-knees. I promise the dress normally doesn't pull like this, as you'll see in the next image.

One of my absolute favorite things about this dress, and most Calvin Klein work dresses, is the detail. I have other dresses with piping, fun flippy skirts, and with this dress it's the gathered and seamed midsection. It makes the dress so flattering, and just keeps it from being a total blank canvas.

However, the dress is still basic enough that I'm really able to spice it up with jewelry (and I should have spiced it up with some more vibrant lipstick!) I love the addition of any shade of blue to purple, and normally I pair this with turquoise. However, today I was feeling something in a softer color scheme, and so I chose this necklace and earring set from Charming Charlie's! I purhased both pieces on clearance for a recent wedding, and I was so happy to get to wear them again! I can't find this exact pair of earrings online anymore, but they're having a BOGO sale on all of their clearance jewelry, so you should definitely go check it out!

And finally where would I be without my trusty shoes! I promise I do occasionally wear more than flats, but I got a crazy splinter in the bottom of my foot the other day, and these padded Dr. Scholl's loafers are exactly what was needed to ease my walking. I love that the purple tassle echoes the color of my dress! For some equally comfy shoes, look here, here, or here! (P.S. for most of these brands, I find them at the outlet malls, where the prices are much more affordable!)

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