Monday, October 6, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Here in Texas, Football is king, and nothing is bigger than when the Cowboys and Texans faced each other yesterday. I had gone down to Galveston for a wedding, and some friends and I decided to watch the game together. It was an incredibly close game, with the lead going back and forth, before the Cowboys finally clenched in with a 20-17 win in overtime.

In honor of the Cowboys, my blue and white dress. 

This dress was great for the game, as it perfectly matched the colors of the Cowboys. I got to support my team and wear a cute dress at the same time, which I pretty much count as a win! The dress is from Modcloth, and so are the shoes I wore with it. I had a little difficulty deciding on a shoe color, since I don't really care for white shoes, so I decided to stay in the blue family with this fun little pair.

RBG and I celebrating the win with a selfie.

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